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Juice Master Class

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Session One

Session One welcome to the juice master class Your juicy journey starts here ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 10m Welcome ‘juice e-learner’ to […]

Session Two

Session two JASON VALE’S STORY and other testimonials ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 50m Let’s start the course with a plethora of inspirational […]

Session Three

Session Three The Goldfish Bowl One Disease- One Solution Hypothesis ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 1h 20m The Goldfish Bowl is a visual […]

Session Four

Session four symptom vs cause The fire brigade analogy Estimated Session Runtime: 20m Now you understand my Goldfish Bowl analogy, it’s […]

Session Five

Session five Pharmageddon! A Pill for every ill & an ill for every pill ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 1h We live in […]

Session Six-A

Session six A Why jason made super juice me! a ground-breaking documentary ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 1h 50m My ‘One Disease – […]

Session Six-B

Session six b why jason made super juice me! exclusive interviews ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 1h 10m Filming Super Juice Me! provided […]

Session Seven

Session seven why juice? let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 40m So far you’ve […]

Session Eight

Session eight the juice pharmacy an A-z of ailments ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 20m I make the argument that when it comes […]

Session Nine

Session nine the 15-minute juice workshop how to master the juice ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 1h 30m The best way to learn […]

Session Ten

Session ten It’s not just about juice how to eat well for life ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 50m Whilst juicing is clearly […]

Session Eleven

Session eleven Juice it forward! join the juice revolution ESTIMATED SESSION RUNTIME: 20m CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well done! You’ve completed the Juice Master […]


JUICE MASTER CLASS CONGRATULATIONS! Once again congratulations on completing the Juice Master Class. We’d love to hear your juicy story and […]

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