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It's time to see what learning with us can do for you...

Over 20 Years Of Expertise Condensed Into One Course
11 In-depth Session Covering Jason's Theories on Health
10+ Hours of Videos Only Available On The Master Class
Easy To Use Interface Makes Learning Easier
Study Where You Want & At Your Own Pace
Lifetime Access To All Course Materials
Graduate & Receive Jason's Exclusive Coaching Tips
Join the Juice Revolution & Help Spread Juicing


  • Introduction
  • Jason's Story
  • Goldfish Bowl
  • Symptoms v Cause
  • Pharmageddon!
  • Why Super Juice! Me! was made
  • Why Juice?
  • Juice Pharmacy
  • 15-Minute Workshop
  • It's Not All About Juice!
  • Juice It Forward

The Juice Master Class is an exciting video-based e-learning course, designed cover all aspect of juicing and Jason Vale's philosophies on health and disease, in an energetic and engaging way.  The Juice Master Class will equip you the knowledge and tools to become an active advocate for juicing, enabling you to confidently communicate the benefits of juicing with others.

*For a full list of suggested course materials; you can find the PDF list here

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Juice Study Course is an academically focused, educational course divided into four modules (each broken down into easy to digest sections) which are: Introduction to Biology; Anatomy & Physiology; Fundamentals of Nutrition and Juicing & Health.

Essentially you work through the course one module at a time with continual assessments and final exams for each module. The course information, assessments and exams are all online, however in addition, you will need to buy or download the books/material required to support the course. Some of these materials are not included in the cost of the course and will need to be purchased separately. The Juice Study Course aims to give you a thorough grounding in the science behind how the human body works, fundamental information about nutrition and in-depth knowledge about juicing and health.

The Juice Master Class is an online workshop (consisting of eleven sessions) designed and created by Jason Vale aka the Juice Master. All of the material is available online and mostly in the form of video content as well as some useful reference material such as an A-Z of Ailments and the entire Super Juice Me! documentary. The Juice Master Class, takes you on an informative journey, explaining in depth the benefits of juicing as well as sharing some of Jason’s key principles such as the Goldfish Bowl and it also exploring themes such as the issues with Big Pharma and what to eat for a healthy life after juicing. The Juice Master Class is designed to provide you with a wealth of information and to show you how to perform your own juicy workshop and pass this information on to others.

The Juice Master Academy is the umbrella term used for combining the Juice Study Course and Juice Master Class. When you successfully pass both courses you gain a Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner qualification.

This depends on how you want to use your learning.

If you want to make Juice Therapy part of your business and operate as Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner (NJT Practitioner) then you need to complete the Juice Master Academy (the Juice Study Course and the Juice Master Class). However many people complete the Juice Master Academy for their own and their families health and well-being.

If you just want to know more about juicing and how to live a healthier lifestyle for your own personal education and understanding then the Juice Master Class will give you everything you need to be able to achieve this.

This depends entirely on how self motivated you are and how much time you can dedicate to the course. As a guide, the Juice Study Course usually takes 3 - 6 months per module while the Juice Master Class takes 2 - 5 months.

Yes. In order to progress through the Juice Study Course you will need to successfully pass all online assessments after each ‘section’ and exams at the end of each ‘module’. The assessments and exams consist of multiple choice questions with a few essay style questions as well and are designed to test that you have read and understood the concepts in each section/module.

The Juice Master Class has some online assessments in the form of short multiple choice tests at the end of each session. These are purely to test if you have remembered key concepts and content from that session. These tests are mainly relevant to students doing the Juice Master Academy and wanting to gain the NJT Practitioner qualification so if you do not want to qualify as a NJT Practitioner you do not need to take the test. However you might like to take the tests anyway to check you are getting the most out of the Juice Master Class.

If you do not pass a certain test or assessment you will be asked to review that module/session and retake the test. If you need extra advice or support you can contact

Yes they have, in order to bring the whole academy experience online we’ve made a few changes.

The original study course was called the ‘Natural Juice Therapy - Distance Learning Course’ but it’s now called the ‘Juice Study Course - Juice Therapy Distance Learning’. The content has been updated (Jason has released several new books since the course was initially created and some have been addd to module 4) but it’s essentially the same course.

The original workshop course was called the ‘Juice Master Academy’ and ran between 2 - 4 days as a physical workshop at Juicy HQ in the UK. However it was proving very challenging to get everyone who wanted to qualify as a Juice Therapist to the academy for a number of reasons and it also limited how many people were able to study with us, particularly international students.

The decision was made to bring the academy online so the same great information was accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world and without limits of time and also at a more affordable price. Jason and his team have gone to great lengths to create a new online experience that would replace the physical academy and that includes the same great information (and more) and plenty of video content so it almost feels like you’ve got Jason with you all the way through the experience.

This new course is the Juice Master Class - The Ultimate Juicing Workshop and together with the Juice Study Course constitutes the Juice Master Academy. If you successfully complete both the Juice Study Course and the Juice Master Class you become a Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner.

All active ‘Natural Juice Therapy - Distance Learning Course’ accounts were transferred from the old website to the new one and emails sent out to inform those students. However the following accounts were not transferred:

  • inactive or dormant accounts
  • previously qualified students
  • students who had attended the physical academy but hadn’t paid to do the distance learning course

Any students of the physical academy will need to purchase the Juice Master Class if they want access to it as the content has been specially created for the Juice Master Academy.

If you would like more information please contact:

No you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of juicing or nutrition, but it may help you complete the course more quickly if you have done so.

Although this isn't compulsory we very much doubt you would be able to complete either the Juice Study Course or the Juice Master Class without being so inspired to juice!

However, please note that if you are a student working towards your NJT Practitioner qualification, as part of the Juice Master Class you will be asked to film and submit your own juice workshop and you will need a juicer and a blender (optional) to be able to do this.

If you want/need to buy a juicer or blender we recommend watching Jason’s ‘Juice Tube’ guide here:

For the Juice Study Course you will need textbooks, but these books are not included. The reason being is so we can keep the cost of the course as viable as possible and remove any additional postage costs. Thus allowing you to borrow the books from the library; buy them second hand; download them or buy hard copies for future reference, whatever suits your study needs best.

All the information required to complete the Juice Master Class is online and part of the course so no you do not need any additional text books.

Students who successfully complete the Juice Master Academy (the Juice Study Course and the Juice Master Class) gain a Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner (NJT Practitioner) qualification and will receive a certificate.

Not at all, it is entirely up to you which order you do the courses in. You can choose to start with the Master Class or Study Course. The lessons do have to be completed in chronological order.

Students who successfully complete the Juice Master Academy (the Juice Study Course and the Juice Master Class) gain a Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner (NJT Practitioner) qualification and will receive a certificate to validity this achievement.

By completing the Juice Masters Academy, you will have excellent juicing knowledge and a recognised qualification. The course is accredited in the UK by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association).

The Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner qualification enables you to practice as an NJT Practitioner which would start or enhance a career in the fields of health, nutrition, well-being and/or juicing. Many previous practitioners use it in their consultative work with clients or have gone on to run their own juice-based businesses.

As a qualified Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner, you can carry out ‘one-to-one’ consultations; workshops; house parties; talks to societies/groups; talks in schools; run a juice bar with integrity etc. This is an exciting therapy and current therapists are continually coming up with different ways to use their skills to spread the juicy word.

Once qualified you are an independent Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner (NJT Practitioner) and are able to use the term Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner (NJT Practitioner) including the logo to promote your own business endeavours in as far as you can say you have qualified as Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner (NJT Practitioner). You can also say that you have completed the Juice Master Academy, which has been accredited by the CMA.

WHAT YOU MAY NOT DO is use the Juice Master or Jason Vale names in any way whatsoever to advertise or promote your business. This includes ALL Juice Master branding, logos and recipes. By completing this course you can in no way claim that you are affiliated with Juice Master or are an employee or representative of Juice Master.

For approved statements that you can use in relation to your qualification, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Yes. As a practicing NJT Practitioner, i.e. including but not limited to: consulting, demonstrating, supplying juices etc., you must have professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance (in the UK, we recommend Balens or Towergate). This is a legal requirement and is in your interest in the event of a claim due to professional negligence or personal injury.

We also recommend that all UK practitioners become a member of the CMA. For more information visit:

The Juice Master Academy is fully accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is the leading association for alternative therapies in the UK and beyond.

The CMA is a multinational organisation that continues to grow and is setting up "centres of complementary medical excellence" in various overseas locations. For more information visit:

Once you have purchased and set up an account online on the Juice Master Academy website, you can log in and access the information step by step, to take you through the Juice Master Class or the Juice Study Course.

Yes absolutely! It does not matter which course you do first and if you’re feeling confident and able to you can do them simultaneously if you wish to.

Not yet… only people who complete the full Juice Master Academy and become a Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner will be added to the ‘Find A Therapist’ section of the website. Details of how to do this will be sent to students after they have qualified.

Yes. The Juice Study Course is an online course so will be available through Safari or other web browser providing you have an internet connection.

No, the course can be completed at your leisure. However, although there is no deadline to finishing the course we recommend that you set yourself a deadline of no more than 18 months for the Juice Study Course and 12 months for the Juice Master Class to finish the course to ensure you do complete it.

Unfortunately there are no discounts available for the individual courses or the academy. We have our own foundation called The Juicy Foundation and we direct all of our funding and charity work to our foundation.

Unfortunately not, the course price is calculated per individual.

Can I ask for a refund if I change my mind?” to: As digital content you have immediate access to all of the online materials, therefore there is no refund available on this course. However, we want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you change mind in the first 24 hours, just let us know and we will refund your purchase minus a £50 admin fee. The course will be removed from your account.

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